Отзывы Full Circle, Lemon Drops, Citrus Ice Cube Infuser Set

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  • Категория: Товары для дома
  • Производитель: Full Circle
  • Оригинальное название: Full Circle, Lemon Drops, Citrus Ice Cube Infuser Set, 1 Set
  • Артикл: FUL-02153
  • Размеры: 10.9 x 10.9 x 10.7 cm
Отзыв о товаре:
Full Circle, Lemon Drops, Citrus Ice Cube Infuser Set
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  • Add Flair to Your Water, Cocktails and More
  • Safe For You - BPA-Free
  • Earth Friendly Materials
  • Responsible Living - Healthy Hydration
  • Certified B Corporation

What's Inside?

  • One citrus reamer.
  • Two BPA-free silicone ice cube trays.

Why Infuse?

  • Keep nasty pesticides and bacteria out of your bottle.
  • Save time by adding flavor on the go.
  • Increase your daily fluid intake and aid in digestion.
  • Get creative with lemon, blood orange, grapefruit and lime citrus fruits.

Let's face it. Your standard ice cube deserve an upgrade. Add a juicy twist of lemon, lime or grapefruit with this convenient reamer, then freeze before slipping in to your favorite beverage for a quick dose of flavor that's ready any time. Now that's worth raising a glass to.

  • Safe For You - BPA Free
  • Earth Friendly Materials - Plastic, recycled plastic, silicone.
  • Responsible Living - Vitamin-packed citrus drops promote healthier hydration.
  • International Design - Reamer locks on to stackable silicone trays.